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What is included in a DVLA check

Running a free DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) check allows you to verify vehicle data and ensure that the seller’s claims about the vehicle are genuine.

Some of the main information a free DVLA check can show include:

Basic details about the car, such as make, model, fuel type, and colour (among others)

The vehicle’s current tax and MOT status

Performance and running costs for the vehicle

Upgrade to a full DVLA vehicle check

A full car history check allows you to access a wide range of information about the vehicle, including its stolen and write-off status, outstanding finance information, and much more.

This can help inform your decision and ensure you’re fully aware of the car’s history before you make the purchase.

Other DVLA checks

DVLA provides other services such as the below:

An E10 vehicle check service provides more information on E10 fuel and determines if a vehicle engine can run on it.

When selling a vehicle, you can inform DVLA you’ve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle

You can also renew your driving licence online

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do basic DVLA car checks provide?

DVLA car checks are free checks that provide a range of information, including vehicle data, tax and MOT status, and the like. However, it is also possible to get a full paid car history check that extends beyond DVLA data, which can include additional important information.

Do I need to own the vehicle before checking?

DVLA vehicle check can be run by anyone, not just the vehicle owner alone, making them a handy tool for individuals who have been involved in an accident or who are looking to purchase a new car. All you need is the number plate to carry out a history check.

What vehicles can be checked through the DVLA check?

A DVLA check can be run on any UK-registered vehicle that is listed on the service. Some newly registered vehicles or recently imported cars may not necessarily be showing on the DVLA database immediately.

Can I view the owner’s information?

Due to data protection regulations, a vehicle owner’s information cannot be viewed publicly. As such, you will need to contact DVLA directly if you still need to find out the owner’s details.

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