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What is a Mileage Check?

A mileage check is a process that verifies the recorded mileage of a vehicle, typically using its odometer reading. A free mileage check indicates any discrepancies in the MOT mileage history.

Our Standard and Full Checks include an advanced mileage history check using various sources including BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association), NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions), RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation), DVLA and MOT mileages. See our sample report for an example of an advanced mileage history check.

How to check if a vehicle’s mileage is clocked?

There are numerous signs that a vehicle might be clocked, such as having fewer miles than average for its age. However, it’s not quite as straightforward as that, as getting a conclusive answer can be a little trickier.

With our car checks, simply enter the reg details of your vehicle, then view the car’s mileage history. This includes information on past MOTs, including previous mileage history records.

From there, if the car’s mileage doesn’t seem to have increased significantly or if you notice that the vehicle’s quoted mileage is lower than on previous MOTs, you know that the car’s been clocked at some point. This will be flagged on the report.

Why do People Clock Cars?

There are several common reasons for a seller to clock a car. The most obvious is simply to reduce the number of miles on the vehicle’s odometer, thereby increasing the value of the vehicle fraudulently.

However, it is also possible for individuals to do so to avoid any charges that might be incurred when going above the mileage allowance. This is payable directly to finance providers, but some individuals may look to get around this by changing the mileage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the mileage data come from?

Our free mileage check comes from MOT mileage recorded by the DVSA. Our Standard and Full checks include a more comprehensive advanced mileage history check from all sources.

Is clocking a car illegal?

Many people assume that it’s illegal to clock a car’s mileage. That’s not entirely the case, provided that this information is disclosed when selling the car (or in other relevant circumstances), altering the car’s mileage may be legal. However, it becomes illegal if this information is not disclosed.

Is changing a vehicle’s mileage common?

Many people assume that changing a vehicle’s mileage is relatively rare. Surprisingly, though, around one in eighteen cars in the UK have changed their mileage. As such, that’s around 6% of all vehicles. With this in mind, the importance of doing a car check first is highly important.

Why does the vehicle have no mileage data?

In some cases, the car registration check may not show any relevant data. This most likely is because the vehicle is less than three years old; however, if the plate is new or if the car’s been tested in Northern Ireland, this may also prevent information from displaying when you complete a registration plate search.

How can I fix incorrect mileage data?

Fixing incorrect mileage data depends on the specific situation. If the mileage you would like to correct is from an MOT and the test was completed more than 28 days ago, you can report the mistake to DVSA to get it corrected. If the MOT was carried out in less than 28 days ago you will need to ask the MOT center to correct the mileage.

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