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What’s Included in a Car Check?

Stolen check (police & insurance)
Written off check
Outstanding finance check
VIN check
Mileage check
80+ checks in total

£30,000 data guarantee

£30,000 Data Guarantee

Our full car check comes with a £30,000 data guarantee.

Giving you total peace of mind on your next vehicle check.

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Car History Check

Our car history check includes over 80 point data checks.

Giving you the total confidence to make an informed decision before you purchase a vehicle.

What is a car check?

Our car check provides detailed historical information on any vehicle in the UK, including:

Insurance Write Off (Total loss) Check: We check whether the vehicle has been declared an insurance total loss (category A, B, C, D, S & N), or written-off, including the loss type, loss date, and damaged areas. This check also examines the data supplied by the insurance industry (MIAFTR) to determine if a vehicle has ever been written off.

Outstanding Finance Check: This check will reveal if a vehicle has a finance agreement and provide information alongside details required to contact the finance company.

Imported/Exported Check:
 This number plate check indicates whether a car, motorbike, or van has been recorded as imported or exported by DVLA. If you find a vehicle flagged as exported, it is recommended to exercise caution before proceeding.

Scrapped/Unscrapped Check: We will check data from the DVLA to verify whether the vehicle you want to purchase has been scrapped or not.

Salvage History Check: A salvage history check will reveal any photos of damage if a vehicle has been sold on auction sites.

Colour Change Check: Check whether the vehicle has a history of car colour change. Moreover, our car check includes a record of the original colour and any subsequent colour changes. It is important to notify DVLA and update your V5C registration document of any changes.

VIN or Chassis: This check will reveal the last 4 numbers of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) provided by the DVLA. Also, it is important to make sure it matches with the vehicle and V5C logbook.

Car Valuation: The valuation tool gives you an up to date price based on the car and its mileage. Additionally, it includes the trade in price and private sale price.

How to check car history for free

Our car check is the most comprehensive FREE car history website in the UK. Simply enter the registration plate into the search field to reveal 20+ data fields for free.

Our car history report will show free information, such as stolen (PNC), mileage issues, safety recalls, exported, MOT history, road tax, make, model, colour, fuel type, engine size, body style, bhp, V5C logbook date, insurance group and much more.

Our free car check includes basic vehicle information. Furthermore, for a detailed car check, you can purchase a premium report, which will include more checks and provide a £30,000 data guarantee.

What is included in a free car check?

A car history check is essential, you can view the details of your car online by entering the car reg number into the search field. The following details are included in a free car check.

Mileage issues checks for discrepancies in the MOT history. Furthermore, clocking, or vehicle mileage fraud, has become more common in recent years.

Vehicle details including make, model, engine size, fuel type, bhp and year.

Exported details recorded by the DVLA.

Vehicle road tax including CO2 output, expiry date, cost and surcharge.

MOT history check, including advisory, failure details, and the current status, is included in a DVLA check.

CO2 Driving emissions levels based on European status.

Insurance & ULEZ: Use the askMID to check if your car is insured.

V5C logbook date.

Free HPI check alternative

Full Car Check is the most comprehensive HPI check alternative. Providing vehicle history information similar to an HPI car check, you may also see them called car history checks, used car checks or vehicle check.

HPI check provides information on a vehicle to see whether it still belongs to finance company, is stolen or has been written off. This helps prevent buyers from purchasing vehicles with hidden problems.

Full Car Checks is not the first organisation to begin offering car history checks. However, the company that started offering history checks is now trading as HPI Limited (HPI and HPI Check are trademarks of HPI Limited, Full Car Checks is not affiliated with HPI or HPI check).

Why choose our car history check

Superior customer service

Customer satisfaction and top quality service is our main priority. Additionally, you can count on us to provide excellent service and value for money.

We use trusted partners

Our data comes from officially licensed partners such as DVLA, insurance companies, police and finance companies, as well as other motoring organisations.

Vehicle Check

Our vehicle check contains over 80 fields of data about the car, including checks on car owners, written-off status, and vehicle history.

Vehicle History Check

Currently, a number of websites offer car history checks including Car CheckerReg Check, HPI Check, TotalCarCheck, Vehicle Check, Car Check, Instant CarCheck, MyCarCheck, Car Analytics, RAC Car Passport and AA Car Check.

While customers have multiple options, we take pride in offering exceptional value for money with detailed and easy to understand reports.

Frequently asked questions

What is a free car check?

A free car check includes basic details such as the make, model, year, colour, MOT history, and road tax information. As part of our free check we also include mileage issues, exported, safety recalls, and stolen car check (PNC).

Why is a car check important?

A car check is crucial as it offers historical data on any UK vehicle. This check reveals important data such as if the car has been stolen, written off, or has outstanding finance.

How much is a paid report?

Our full check is £9.99 and a standard check is £5.99. Moreover, we provide a £30,000 data guarantee for our full check, which is the most comprehensive report available.

Is it worth getting a car history check?

A car history check is definitely worth it and absolutely essential as it can protect you from a vehicle with a hidden history. It will reveal crucial information such as if a car has an outstanding finance agreement, or if it’s reported stolen. We also reveal if it is written off along with a salvage history check to reveal damage photos.

When are my tax and MOT due?

Enter reg number into the search field to reveal MOT and road tax due dates. Alternatively, a MOT check also reveals the vehicle status.

About Full Car Checks

We offer an in depth, comprehensive vehicle history report, available instantly online from Full Car Checks also include a guarantee up to £30,000.

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