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Our car check covers over 80+ data points, including scrapped or stolen vehicles, outstanding finance, write-offs, and much more.

To carry out a car check, all you need is the car’s registration number. Enter the reg into the search field above to check vehicle. We recommend purchasing a full check, which provides a comprehensive history backed by a £30,000 data guarantee, subject to terms and conditions.

Importance of a car check

Why do you need car check?

A car check reveals everything you need to know about a car’s history, providing access to historical data such as whether the vehicle has been stolen, written off, has a salvage history, has outstanding finance, and much more.

It is crucial to purchase a history report before buying a vehicle to unveil its detailed hidden history. Simply enter the number plate and click search to carry out a check.

Vehicle history check includes:

Our vehicle check will provide you with vital information regarding the history of any vehicle, checking over 80 data points, including:

Outstanding finance

Log Book Loan check

£30,000 data guarantee

Written off


Salvage history

Plate changes

Imported / Exported / Scrapped

Colour changes

Number of previous owners

To view all the data fields please visit our sample report.

Frequently asked questions

What is a car check?

A car check provides you with comprehensive historical details of a vehicle, including over 80 data points such as checks for being written-off, stolen, and having outstanding finance.

How much does a car check cost?

A standard check costs £5.99, and a full check costs £9.99. For peace of mind, we recommend the full check, which includes an outstanding finance check and valuation, backed by a £30,000 data guarantee.

How do I get a free car check?

To get a free car check simply enter your vehicle registration into the search field and click check vehicle. The free car check will reveal 20+ free details including full MOT history, road tax information and police stolen vehicle status.

Do I need a car check?

A car check is important as it reveals historical information about the car, highlighting any hidden issues such as past damage or mileage discrepancies.

About Full Car Checks

We offer an in depth, comprehensive vehicle history report, available instantly online from Full Car Checks also include a guarantee up to £30,000.

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