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Buying a car is exciting, but this can also leave many people rushing into a decision. However, if the car you purchase has outstanding finance against it, you face the risk of losing your vehicle entirely.

Getting an outstanding car finance check is integral if you’ve been looking to buy a vehicle. It’s worth considering that many sellers, especially private sellers, may genuinely make the mistake of selling a vehicle with outstanding finance – but not always. Less honest sellers may simply be out to make a quick buck, which could mean you may struggle to get a refund from the seller.

Check a Vehicle’s Finance Status with a Finance Check

Carrying out a car finance check is incredibly easy, so there really is no reason to leave this to chance. Simply enter the car’s registration number into our outstanding finance check tool above and select “check vehicle.” It could cost you thousands if you accidentally purchase a vehicle that’s still under finance.

What is included in a Finance Check

By purchasing a car check, you can quickly and easily check to see whether a car is clear of finance. Plus, you’ll also be able to see information about any finance agreements that are currently in place, including:

Number of outstanding finance agreements

Agreement type (e.g. PCP, HP etc.)

Agreement Number

Agreement start date

Finance Company

Contact Number

Frequently asked questions

What is an Outstanding Finance check?

This check tells you about any debts that may still be active on the vehicle. Moreover, the car finance check will also tell you about the finance agreement date, type, and term. Finally, these checks also reveal the finance company’s name, address, and agreement number.

Can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

If you have purchased a vehicle on finance and want to get a new vehicle, you’ll need to pay off the finance before making the change. You cannot sell a car with outstanding finance, as the lender is still the car’s legal owner until the finance is settled and paid off in full.

What happens if I buy a car with outstanding finance?

If a car with outstanding finance still has debt and you become the new owner of the car, you will then become responsible for the debt. For more advice please visit

Why is it Important to carry out an Outstanding Finance Check before buying?

If a seller of the car didn’t actually own the vehicle in its entirety, the finance company may take the vehicle back if you can’t settle the outstanding finance yourself. 

Do I need to contact the finance company after buying a vehicle with outstanding debt?

Emailing the finance company and ensuring all discussions are recorded in writing can be a good way to protect yourself and show that you made a genuine mistake when purchasing the vehicle. In most cases you’ll also need to arrange a payment plan with the finance company to pay off the loan.

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