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What is a Number Plate Check?

A number plate check quickly assesses a car’s details and history following a plate change. The check provides key information about the vehicle, such as last known mileage records, MOT history, financing details, and if the vehicle is stolen.

Altogether, this data can help ensure an individual makes an informed decision and that the purchase is genuine.

How to Get a Car Number Plate Check

Get a car number plate check by entering a registration into our vehicle check, and you’ll be able to see a range of helpful information about the car. This includes the VRM change history, previous car owners, V5C counts, and a range of other details.

Why is a Number Plate Check Important?

Some of the main reasons why a number plate checker is important include the following:

Make sure the plate is legit: If a plate has been changed, it’s crucial to check whether the car plate is legitimate.

Ensure the seller owns the vehicle: One of the biggest risks is that the vehicle may have been stolen when buying a new car. As such, making sure your car is not registered on a criminal activity list is crucial – otherwise, you could buy an illegitimate vehicle.

Check the vehicle’s MOT history: When buying a new car, checking the MOT history matches up with the seller’s claims is crucial. A plate check provides details on the past MOT results, informing your decision further.

Estimate the mileage: It’s not illegal for someone to clock a vehicle’s mileage – but it is illegal not to inform the buyer of these changes. Luckily, a check can highlight the recorded mileage at the vehicle’s last MOT, helping reassure you as to the authenticity of the mileage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find out the past owners of a car?

If you need to find out the past owners of a car, simply running a plate check won’t suffice. You may need to contact the DVLA directly, although they might not provide this information. However, a check can still highlight how many past owners the car had.

Is a plate change a cause for concern?

A plate change isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. However, make sure you have checked the previous number plate first to ensure the change is genuine and authentic.

Could my number plate be connected to another car?

Number plates can only be legally assigned to one car. When a car is destroyed, the number plate will also be scrapped. Therefore, if your number plate shows details for a different car, the information provided may be forged or fraudulent.

How do I see what the original number plate was?

A car history check can help you verify the original number plate.

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