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What is an MOT check?

An MOT check includes a list of standard tests and checks, performed on every vehicle on an annual basis. Advisories and failures are noted down on each vehicle at the MOT test centre; this typically includes the expiry date of the current MOT. Making sure you know the history of your vehicle is essential, and a car check can significantly help with this.

What is included in an MOT check

By entering a vehicle’s number plate, you can instantly see the car’s MOT history, including the following:

MOT expiry date

MOT test result

MOT advisories and failures

MOT mileage history

Days left to next MOT due date

Other MOT GOV UK Data

How to Book an MOT Check?

Book an MOT close to you by finding your local MOT test centre. After booking the appointment, take your vehicle to the test centre to undergo the check. Once the MOT is completed and passed, you will then receive an MOT certificate. If the check fails, you will need to fix the failures before an assessor can pass the MOT.

MOT Check

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check a vehicle’s MOT data?

Checking the car’s history using an MOT checking service is the easiest way to view a vehicle’s MOT data. Typically, these services are simple to use. Simply enter the car’s registration number; then, you’ll quickly be able to see the MOT history for the car.

How much does an MOT test cost?

The MOT cost depends on the type of vehicle.The maximum fee for a car is £54.85 and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle.

Can I still drive a car if the MOT has expired?

Driving a car with an expired MOT is illegal. In concurrence with this thought, the significance of renewing the MOT promptly, especially when acquiring a new vehicle, cannot be stressed highly enough. If the check indicates an expired MOT, you may want to reconsider whether you make the trade (and book the vehicle for an MOT as soon as possible).

How can I check if my car is MOT exempt?

The most straightforward method to check eligibility is by visiting the official UK government website. Indeed, the Gov website includes a comprehensive list of criteria for exempting a vehicle from routine MOTs.

The car history check didn’t give any information. Why?

The car history may not have provided any useful information for several reasons, most commonly being the wrong vehicle number plate. For example, this might mean you missed out a letter or a number; alternatively, you could have misread one of them.

Who can run a MOT check?

Anyone can run a car history and MOT check, provided you have the correct number plate details for a car. The MOT check is a useful tool when buying a new vehicle or checking the history of a car you’ve recently purchased. Always check the vehicle’s details match the car you’re planning to buy first.

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