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Can I find car owner by registration number?

A car owner check is not as straight forward as you might think, since the DVLA don’t hand out the information to just anyone who requests it. Due to GDPR compliance it is unlawful to share car owner names and addresses in the public domain.

A vehicle check service such as ours, or an HPI Check by a rival company, will not disclose the registered keeper’s details or address(es). However, our car reg check provides the detailed vehicle history via a car owner check by reg number search.

How to find the address of the vehicle owner by number plate?

If you want to apply to DVLA via the V888 form to find a car owner by registration plate, there are criterias to meet. You must show ‘reasonable cause’ for wanting this information and how it will be used. Reasonable cause criteria are vast and what you plan to do with the information should you receive it will determine the outcome.

If you are concerned about a car that has been parked outside your house. It would be much better to tell the DVLA or the local council about it. GOV.UK provides more information here including a helpful lookup feature if you aren’t sure who your local authority is.

What do I get with a car owner reg check?

A vehicle check using a reg plate will show how many registered keeper(s) have owned the vehicle, number of keepers and ownership duration.

Get an instant car reg check by entering your number plate and we will include a comprehensive vehicle history check.

The date that the previous keeper sold the vehicle

The date that the previous keeper purchased the vehicle

How many previous owner(s) there are according to the V5C log book

The ownership duration for each previous keepers

Date first registered

Whose number plate is this?

To find out who is the registered keeper attached to a car’s registration number, you must contact the DVLA to request the information, but you’ll need what they refer to as a ‘reasonable cause’ to access this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a vehicle check report show the owner’s name?

No, as it is unlawful to disclose the registered keeper’s name without their express permission unless you have ‘reasonable cause’ for wanting this information. This might include if you’re a parking company seeking the registered keeper to send them a fine.

What information does a vehicle check provide?

A vehicle check will show you how many registered keepers of a vehicle there have been, although it won’t display any personally identifiable information about the keepers. It will supply you with information about the date that the previous keeper purchased and sold the vehicle, how many previous owners are listed in the V5C logbook, ownership duration, the date it was first registered, and the model year.

I have a legal issue with someone and need to find out their details via registration plate. Is this possible?

No, you cannot use a vehicle check service to get this information, but you may wish to approach the DVLA who will have this information. You must show ‘reasonable cause’ for wanting this information and how it will be used. Reasonable cause criteria are vast and what you plan to do with the information should you receive it will determine the outcome.

What is a vehicles keeper history?

A keeper history check shows you the previous owners of the car. The number of previous owners may affect the value of the car. Check out our sample report to view an example keeper history check.

Why should you check a vehicles keeper history?

It’s important to determine the number of previous owners of a vehicle in order to get an idea of how well looked after the vehicle was. A high number of owners suggests high usage of the car, it may have been exposed to different levels of care which could effect its use.

How to check for a vehicles keeper history?

Full Car Checks history report determines the previous owners of a vehicle by its registration number. Simply type the reg number of the vehicle into the search field, and you will obtain the complete historical records.

What does a number plate check include?

MOT history that includes marked advisory items
Finance check
Car write off status including a, b, c, d, s and n,
Salvage history
Theft / stolen records
VIC inspections
Import / export status
Mileage fraud and much more

We search and return compiled data via DVLA, DVSA, Police National Computer (PNC theft markers), the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) and others.

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