Buying a Car Privately – Advice and Tips

When it comes to your car buying efforts, making sure you’ve started with the ideal choice of vehicle is integral – and there’s a lot you may need to keep in mind as part of this. We’ve outlined some of the key things you should know about buying a car privately to help.

Tips and Advice for Buying a Car Privately

If you’re looking to add value to your car, the following five options could help.

Buying a car privately offers many benefits; most notably, you can potentially save a lot of money on the purchase. However, it’s not necessarily safe, and private sales can be utilised by criminals and dishonest sellers to pass on a car that’s not as safe as it should be. Therefore, keeping this in mind could help you choose a car that’s safer when buying from a private seller.

#1 Always do Full Market Research

Before going any further, once you know the type of vehicle you’re looking for, doing full market research is integral to ensure you’re not accidentally getting caught out or ripped off. Always check carefully to see the sort of prices that cars of your chosen model and age are making; considering the condition of different age cars may also help.

The easiest way to do market research is to head online to dedicated car selling sites. However, you can potentially also visit dealerships and the like. Don’t forget, though – a dealer will usually charge more than a private seller.

#2 Check the Advert Details

Once you’ve found a car you like the look of, check all the advert details carefully. You’ll want to check for numerous things, including the car’s make and model details, engine size, MOT details, service information, features and equipment, and the like. Also, check where the car is stored so that you can view the vehicle.

#3 Check the Seller’s Details

An important factor to consider when buying from a private seller is to make sure they’re genuine. Indeed, it’s surprisingly easy for someone to make a fake profile to sell a fraudulent vehicle online. If possible, try to view any other items the seller may have sold. If they’re advertising on a platform such as Facebook Marketplace, you may also be able to get a better understanding of whether they’re a genuine seller by looking at when they joined.

#4 View the Car In Person

If you are planning to buy a new car, make sure you view the car in person before handing over any money. Ideally, if the seller allows it, try to take the car for a test drive, however, some private sellers may be uncomfortable with this (understandably so!) Nevertheless, visiting the car in person is a great way to see whether any damage may have occurred that the seller hasn’t disclosed prior.

#5 Always Get a Car History Check

By now, you’ve hopefully found a vehicle that you’re happy with – but it’s important to double-check that the sale is safe and genuine by getting a car history check first.

A car history check can provide a large amount of information relating to the sale of a car, including whether the seller owns the car or if it’s still on finance if the vehicle has been stolen, past MOT history and mileage records, and even number plate checks.

Altogether, this information can help you ensure that your chosen car is likely a safe bet; after all, no one wants to get caught out buying an illegitimate vehicle.

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to invest in a new car, there are plenty of options you could consider, and buying privately is one such example. However, there are alternative options to purchase or sell a car, such as utilising online platforms like sell my car or motorway. They offer an extensive range of excellent deals from numerous partners, ensuring a convenient and secure environment for buying a car.

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