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Bike history check

Conducting a motorbike check is equally as important as checking any other vehicle. A bike history check includes important data checks to highlight potential issues, for example if a bike has been scrapped or has outstanding finance. Full Car Checks provides more than 80 data checks and backed by a £30,000 data guarantee.

Free motorbike HPI check

When purchasing a motorbike it is important to conduct thorough checks, our free motorbike check includes:

Bike stolen check

Bike make, model and colour

DVLA Bike registration details

Bike Insurance Group

MOT and Tax status

Export check

Bike age and registration place

Bike mileage check

Why get a motorbike check?

Through purchasing a full vehicle history report, you will be able to see a range of information on the bike that will help you avoid making the mistake of buying a motorbike with hidden issues. Any outstanding finance on the bike could result in the bike being repossessed and you will not have any rights to keep the bike.

When buying a motorbike, our Full Check will reveal:

Bike outstanding finance check

Write off check

Number of previous owners

Salvage history check

80+ data checks

Stolen bike check

Use our free car check service to see if a motorbike is reported stolen. Enter the vehicle registration number to check the Police National Computer database for any UK bike.

Bike insurance check

Using the MID (Motor Insurance Database) you can check your bike has a valid insurance policy. Check bike insurance status on Askmid website.

About Full Car Checks

We offer an in depth, comprehensive vehicle history report, available instantly online from Full Car Checks also include a guarantee up to £30,000.

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